Eyebrow Threading

πŸ•’ 10 minutes $10

With our signature threading service, your perfect brows are just a few rolls and pulls away. With this technique, our artist can choose exactly which hairs to remove to raise the arch of the eyebrow that precisely frame your face. We just need 10 minutes of your time, we’ll give you the brows of your dreams.


πŸ•’ 5 minutes $5

Sometimes hair tends to grow where we want them least. But, we have a way out of it. Our Forehead threading will remove your unwanted hairs from above your brow line leaving nothing but a clean looking head.

Upper Lips

πŸ•’ 5 minutes $5

With lips threading, you will be assured that you will walk out with no moustache! You will walk out in no time with less irritation and a lot less redness.


πŸ•’ 5 minutes $3

Unibrow is when the two eyebrows meet in the middle. That's where our threading artist come in. They will line up and clean up the center of your brows, ensuring a clean look.

Chin Threading

πŸ•’ 5 minutes $5

This prompt and effortless service will have your chin smooth and fur free in no time.

Neck Threading

πŸ•’ 5 minutes $5

If you have hairs below your chin area, our neck threading will ensure that you will have those hairs removed as well in no time.

Full Face - Package

πŸ•’ 25 minutes $25

This package is for the one's who wants it all! It covers your full face including eyebrows threading. If you don't want it and don't need it, will thread it away!


πŸ•’ 10 minutes $10

Whether you want to shape or full remove your side burns, we’ve got the thread for you. Threading technique will ensure your side burns are shaped and/or removed as you like them.